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If Maeve doesn’t face her gift, who else will die?


This time Maeve knows talking to the dead isn’t hokum but learning to control her gift lands her in deeper water than she could have imagined. Maeve’s feelings for Steve, (Detective Inspector Maguire), resurface. Managing everyday life, two daughters, an unexpected house guest and her eccentric mother, in lockdown are distracting. So is death.


This is the second book in the Maeve McPhillips series.

Copy of Copy of can you keep a secret?.p

This is the first book in the Maeve McPhillips series.


Maeve never imagined that looking for an ice cream on a day trip to Margate would change her life forever.

Set in idyllic, historic, Canterbury environs, we enter a warm family full of characters, where no one anticipates the turn of events that will lead to high drama and a desperate chase.

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