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COMPETITION - Win an original print & a signed copy plus have fun on Halloween!!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

To enter sign up to the mailing list so that I can contact you if you win. (You can unsubscribe anytime - but you would miss out on giveaways...)

What do I have to do to win?

There are two options and two winners, you can go on the ‘Spooky Trail’ and take photos like a treasure hunt, but if you are at home why not try for the ‘Best Caption’? Use your own photos or the ones on @GCFisherAuthor on Instagram

Spooky Trail of Canterbury: Physically go on a location hunt.

Below is a list of locations that are in the book. Take a photo,  go to Instagram copy and add the text that is with the name of the location (see below). Then share on Instagram. The most likes for the most photos wins - do as many as you feel like!

Best Caption: Online photo/caption choice.

Follow @GCFisherauthor on instagram and Add your caption to the comments section of your favourite image. Best set of captions that are most relevant to the book wins. 

Judges decision is final. Winners will be contacted directly.

‘Spooky Trail’: - Location Hunt list of locations

  1. Clothesline: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @clotheslinecanterbury

  2. The Goods Shed: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @thegoodsshed_ @cheesemakers_of_canterbury @dockerbakery 

  3. The Refectory: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @refectory_kitchen

  4. Micro Roastery: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @micro_roastery

  5. Cafe St Pierre: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor

  6. Woody’s Bar University of Kent: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @woodys.kent

  7. Beverly Meadow: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor

  8. Canterbury High St: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor

  9. Buttermarket: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor

  10. Canterbury Cathedral Gate: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor #canterburycathedral

  11. Greedy Cow, Margate: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @thegreedycow

  12. Turner Contemporary, Margate: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor  @turnercontemporary

  13. Chambers, Folkestone: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor @thechambersbar

  14. Folkestone Harbour Arm: #Canterburymurders @gcfisherauthor  @folkestoneharbourarm

Best Caption: - List of Excerpts from Canterbury Murders (Photos on @gcfisherauthor instagram) 

Go to instagram look up @gcfisherauthor click ‘follow’.

  1. Find the photos you like best, then either copy a sentence from the book (listed below), or make up an appropriate caption. 

  2. Or Post your own images on your Instagram page with your caption and @gcfisherauthor #canterburymurders

Add the caption to the comments beneath the image.

Best set of captions that are most relevant to the book wins. 

  • A. Another sunny day, the garden was alive with flowers, clematis scaling the hedge and merging into the hawthorn blossom. 

  • B. Maeve texted home to let them know that she was off for a walk and promised to drop into the Goods Shed on the way back. 

  • C. I like to wander the streets, and breathe in the passers-by. Absorbing their exoticness, listening to snatches of throw away conversations. 

  • D. The waitress interrupted with an, “avec ceci?”, which was a ‘do you want anything else or are you finished and can I have the table back’ question.

  • E. ... a walk along the harbour arm and back with an ice cream as a reward? 

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